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Muller is a network of packaging consultants and engineers, keeping the customer at the forefront of each packaging solution. With industry tenure, Muller packaging consultants have access to a wide portfolio of well-known brands and unique load containment solutions. Customer needs vary, which is why our consultants are equipped with tools like Octopus, Lachenmeier, Yellow Jacket, LOCK N’ POP® and GaleWrap, along with peer brands as part of the Signode Industrial Group.


Muller’s full line of application equipment, from semi and fully automatic stretch wrappers, to stretch hood equipment, to state-of-the-art adhesive applicators, is built with features that provide easy operation and maximum operational up-time. Our stretch wrap equipment line includes the Raptor turntable series, Cobra rotary arm series and Octopus rotary ring series. Our stretch hood technology boasts the Lachenmeier line, which includes the Multi-FleXL and Power-Flex T1. Innovative and precise applicators and spray guns allow for consistent application of LOCK N’ POP®. Other unique solutions can be found in our GaleWrap line, like the GW-4100 robot wrapper equipped with 40" GaleWrap Oriented Film. 


The Muller system solution is furthered by the fact that we manufacture both the equipment and the consumable. To perfect your shipment, it takes more than just top of the line equipment. The right films and adhesives must be selected to optimize the process. Muller manufactures a complete line of both cast and blown stretch films that offer superior load retention and reduced cost per load. The Lachenmeier line of stretch hood films provide a consistent and safe means of unitizing a load prior to shipment. This includes Xeros ® hood film, which offers UV Ray and Condensation controlled packaging. The LOCK N’ POP® palletizing cohesive is what holds it all together, literally. Able to be used without stretch film or stretch hood, LOCK N’ POP® has helped customers cut costs from their packaging methods for years. Used in conjunction with stretch film or stretch hood film, load containment is maximized, while costs per load is reduced.


At Muller, our customers receive a complete load containment solution that includes technical assistance and nationwide support by factory trained service engineers. We’re committed to keeping your stretch wrap equipment running smoothly and efficiently throughout its life-cycle. No one is more knowledgeable about Muller applications, than the people of Muller.

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Testimonials from customers

"Perfect for [Equalizer Systems] growing business volumes and need for speed, the Yellow Jacket 110 provided a way to minimize labor costs and increase productivity in their shipping department. In my job, when considering how we used to prepare pallets for shipment, out Yellow Jacket Wrapper is probably one of the greatest work tools I have ever used. One man does the job opposed to two or three guys trying to handle the plastic in an effort to get the pallet of goods wrapped securely.”

John Hill
Shipping Manager
Equalizer Systems
Elkhart, Indiana

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