Increase productivity and decrease downtime with the automation of  the Octopus Series. Depending on your production needs, there are many options available such as:
Tail Tucker
Logo Wrap
Pallet Lift and more!

The videos below demonstrate the efficiency and ease of use these systems provide. There is zero labor impact,  and you will notice how quickly an entire pallet is shrink wrapped and sealed. All of the Octopus systems require low maintenance and are easy to maintain. 

Octopus C Series Video Screenshot
Octopus "C" Series
Octopus B Series Video Screenshot
Octopus "B" Series
Raptor Plus Video Screenshot
Raptor Plus
Octopus S Series Video Screenshot
Octopus "S" Series
Octopus Twin Series Video Screenshot
Octopus "Twin" Series
Octopus Twin Series Video Screenshot
Octopus "Twin" Series with Optional Corner Post


Not all pallets are the same. Therefore, not all stretch wrap systems are designed to work for every company. Here at Muller LCS, we provide various options to help customize your machine to in order to create the maximum efficiency. The videos below show the usability of the available options. Please contact us today if you have any further questions.

Auto Roll Changer Video Screenshot
Auto Roll Changer
Corner Board Applicator Video Screenshot
Corner Board Applicator
Corner Board Applicator Video Screenshot
Corner Post & Top Cap Device
Easy S-Carriage Video Screenshot
Easy S- Carriage
Flexi Rope Video Screenshot
Flexi Rope
Flexi Rope Video Screenshot
Integrated Top Sheet Option
Logo Wrap Video Screenshot
Logo Wrap
Logo Wrap Video Screenshot
NT2 Option
Pop-up Conveyor Video Screenshot
Reel Change System ARC
Ring Frame Locking System Video Screenshot
Ring Frame Locking System
Tail Tucker Video Screenshot
Tail Tucker
Top Cap Applicator Video Screenshot
Top Cap Applicator
Top Sheet Dispenser Video Screenshot
Top Sheet Dispenser


Testing The Yellow Jacket was designed to withstand the demands of any work environment. It reduces a labor team of 2-3 men down to one and makes it so a load does not need to ever leave the lift.  This reduces labor safety issues and costs. 
In the videos below, we have a testimonial from Bluff Manufacturing. In it, they explain how the Yellow Jacket increased productivity, while reducing labor and film costs. 

YellowJacket Application

Bluff Manufacturing

Yellow Jacket Intro


The Galewrap is automation at its finest! It is versatile enough to handle even the oddest shaped pallets. Tough enough to handle up to 37 loads per hour, and up to 300 pallets on a single charge, see first hand how this system paves the way for shrink wrappers and simplifies warehouse production.

GaleWrap 4100 Robotic Pallet Wrapper Video Screenshot
GaleWrap 4100 Robotic Pallet Wrapper


These videos show how actual manufacturers have used our shrink wrapping solutions to save costs and increase productivity within their warehouses. All had varying needs and we found ways to accommodate them.   

Clorox Video Screenshot
Clorox / Hidden Valley Ranch
Pavestone Video Screenshot
Pavestone Charlotte

Ash Grove Manufacturing

Bluff Manufacturing