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Octopus wraps its arms around Corrugated Week event

More than 30 years ago, the Octopus ring technology was introduced, and while the technology embraced packaging in a new way, the wrapping industry embraced the Octopus.

As Corrugated Week launched Sept. 24-27 in Indianapolis, Muller LCS featured the latest generations of Octopus technology at Booth 407. While a great deal has changed in those 30 years, value and the quality of stretch wrapping remains the focal point, and Octopus continues to be the industry leader.

From the high speed and high value of the B Series to the small footprint and big power of the C Series to the high-volume and low-maintenance S Series, the Octopus line provides the manufacturer with options that meet the changing needs of the accelerating supply chain. Each utilize the S film cartridge, which is easy to thread and helps reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Another high-volume alternative is the Muller TWIN series, which maximizes load containment while minimizing film consumption. It also features easy installation and requires a minimum amount of maintenance.

These all are important issues, because the expansion of e-commerce requires a smarter and more secure and more reliable supply chain. The automated supply chain was among the topics presented at Corrugated Week, which convenes every four years to look at the changing issues in the packaging and distribution industry,

While a great deal has changed in the industry since the last Corrugated Week, the fundamentals of high-volume pallet management remains a basic need. It’s what Octopus first wrapped its arms around 30 years ago, and this year’s convention saw the latest generation of that commitment to the industry.

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