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Cement bag distribution security a solid benefit



If you were transporting any kind of load, you’d want the pallet and its contents to be as solid as cement. When the load you’re moving is cement bags, it makes the security of the process of the utmost importance—not to mention creating an ironic metaphor.

When Ash Grove Materials Corporation was looking for a solution for its slow and inefficient pallet wrapping process, it turned to Lachenmeier’s Power Flex T1 stretch hood machine to provide both load stability and product visibility for the company’s cement bag distribution process.

The bags are stacked on pallets, and the procedure had been to use rotary arm stretch wrappers and add a sheet of stretch film to the top to protect the load from moisture, which is the natural enemy of cement distribution. It was a two-man job and limited both throughput and productivity.

The Lachenmeier stretch hood process provided instant 5-sided protection for the load, since the hood stretched snugly over the load. It saved film, and company officials said the stable load also provided greater product visibility.

While customer liked being able to see the delivered product clearly and the stretch hood machine reduced the amount of wrapping material used, it was the increased process speed that was the biggest change. The Ash Grove Packaging division was able to wrap just 22 load per hour with the previous technology; the Lachenmeier Power Flex T1 stretch hood machine increased productivity to 30 loads per hour—an increase of more than 36%.

When materials handling supervisors try to justify a capital expenditure, they need to convince the management team of a quick return on the investment. At Ash Grove Materials Corporation, the reduction in manpower and film usage, the improved visibility for the product and the dramatic increase in production throughput meant the product got out of the plant and to their customers faster. Those are concrete results.

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