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Mac and Cheese vs. Ice Cream: A Wrap for Each

The food distribution business is designed to value speed and secure packaging to the grocery aisle--and ultimately to the consumer. Different kinds of products present individual challenges and, as a result, different pallet management systems are required.

Macaroni and cheese is a dietary classic, and is a relatively simple product to make and package for the consumer. But because of the high volume of boxes shipped each day, the primary issue is securing the mac and cheese boxes to the pallet. Rotary ring technology is an especially effective and reliable solution here because it’s designed to handle the high volume and predictability of the packaging. In addition, the system can be programmed to manage the light weight of the mac and cheese boxes and secure weaker areas, such as the middle or the top, with the proper amount of wrap.

Ice cream, on the other hand, is not macaroni and cheese. It has a defined amount of time to be in packaging, given the unstable nature of ice cream, particularly in its relationship to temperature. You may not want your pallet wrapper operating in sub-freezing environments, but you also don’t want your frozen products to be exposed for very long.

With a need to wrap a load every minute, speed and reliability are the most important considerations. When combined with stretch wrapping equipment, the use of rotary ring technology again gets high marks in this area. With the freshness and shelf life of daily products the key factor, the fast-paced dairy industry counts on this stretch wrapping rotary ring technology to ensure that the products leave the dock and head out to the consumers as quickly and securely as possible.

It’s important to analyze the specific needs for wrapping and delivering food products. When it comes to shipping, not everything is as predictable as macaroni and cheese, and not everything is as volatile as ice cream. Everything moving through a processing plant and a distribution center does have a unique set of requirements, but there also are a wide variety of solutions to make sure each pallet gets the right wrap every time.

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