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Muller LCS | Craft Beer Wrapping | Octopus 1717C

The craft beer industry continues to grow in large cities and small hamlets across the area, and the key to growth in this market is getting these small-batch ales, lagers and IPAs into the hands of their consumers quickly.

Signode has the industry in mind when it exhibited the Octopus 1717C automatic rotary ring load containment system at the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference to help the industry securely deliver these innovative products to consumers.

“We are always looking for ways to exceed customers’ expectations,” says Joe Albert, VP of Sales & Marketing, Global Wrapping Technology. “The Octopus 1717 is an ideal automatic machine for craft brewers looking to increase productivity without compromising space or budget.”

Beer cases are especially susceptible to damage when cases are improperly secured to pallets. The Octopus 1717C can wrap between 30 and 50 pallets an hour while providing cost savings and efficiency at both the production and delivery end of the supply chain.

“We built the Octopus 1717C to give customers all the benefits they’ve come to expect from our Octopus rotary ring stretch wrap machines in a smaller footprint while providing optimal load containment and minimizing film usage” says Albert. “It’s also a highly intuitive machine to operate and install considering its capabilities.” 

Some of the savings comes from the Easy S Film Carriage, which efficiently delivers film in an ‘S’ wrap pattern that better secures the beer cases to the pallet while reducing both waste and machine wear.

By being able to manage pallets of varying sizes more quickly, craft beer brewers can have the confidence their efforts will be toasted by beer drinkers everywhere.

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