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The food and beverage industry is high volume—millions upon millions of boxed items alone are packaged every single day. The items vary in shape, size, weight, fragility, and shelf life. It’s vital that items are processed quickly and efficiently and arrive to the consumers in the condition they should be in: unbruised, unblemished, undamaged, and ready to sell. Items damaged through the shipping process are unnecessary losses. Increased product protection provides value to everyone in the food industry all the way down to consumers. But if you only view stretch wrapping as protective, you’re missing out on how wrapping can improve efficiency AND provide a branding opportunity.

Logo Wrap™ was developed by Muller LCS to be a value-added load containment solution. The food and beverage industry generally uses hand- applied stickers on stretch wrap to help customize a pallet, reveal SKUs or other identifying information.  But stickers degrade and fall off.  Besides the obvious sustainability implications of stickers, they are also less visible and are difficult to hand-apply on all sides of the pallet. Stickers just don’t work for today’s businesses who demand value and brand visibility. In contrast to stickers, Logo Wrap film is applied as part of the normal stretch wrapping process. Equipment like Muller’s Raptor HPL or Octopus ring wrappers, work by seamlessly switching from traditional stretch film to Logo Wrap film and applying it when and where needed on the load. A stretch film itself, Logo Wrap enhances pallet security while simultaneously providing a solution that maintains brand integrity and visibility even in harsh and dusty environments.

But the benefits of Logo Wrap go beyond branding.  Logo Wrap films can be printed with identifying information, such as barcodes and SKUs, which in a warehouse or distribution center setting, can provide faster and more accurate identification of products, in addition to securely and safely wrapping the goods for shipment. 

Branding at every level of the supply chain is important.  Gone are the days when consumers only saw food products in carefully arranged grocery store displays. More consumers than ever are witnesses to the distribution process. Wrapped pallets of goods are more visible than ever. Nowhere is that more true than in big box stores. Big box stores have transformed the retail sector in the last two decades. According to a National Bureau of Economic Research study, sales for warehouse clubs rose 10.5 times over the period 1992-2013 to $420 billion[1]. Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJs boast more than 100 million members[2]. Walmart, which owns Sam’s Club, and Costco are the largest and second largest retailers in the world.

And every person who handles the product is a potential consumer—Costco alone employees more than 210,000 people worldwide[3]. Warehouse stores added 660,000 jobs between 2000 and 2015[4]. It’s only logical that they should see what’s being shipped and for companies to view custom printed wrapping as an opportunity to showcase their products to more consumers at little extra cost. As an add-on to many of the automated stretch wrappers Muller LCS sells, businesses can increase the visibility of their product without sacrificing the quality of the wrap or adding additional work.

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