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Built By Fabricators, For Fabricators: Yellow Jacket Solves Unique Challenges

They say to truly understand another’s problems you must walk a mile in their shoes. And that proverb has become increasingly true in business, where companies are innovating new and groundbreaking technology to solve unique challenges by working directly with the people closest to the challenge: The customer. Muller LCS is no exception.  Years ago, it developed a very unique solution to add to its arsenal built by and specifically for Fabricators. Yellow Jacket Orbital Stretch Wrapper was originally introduced by fabricators to solve the unique challenges of securing oddly shaped, heavy loads directly to the pallet. This innovation is now considered the preferred load containment solution for fabricating industry veterans.

Why is it so effective? It’s simple. The Yellow Jacket Orbital Stretch Wrapper significantly minimizes the time it takes to wrap a load by hand. Typically it takes 2 workers roughly 10 minutes to wrap a similar load by hand. Yellow Jacket can wrap a similar load with 1 worker in 1 minute. In addition to reducing the labor required to wrap by at least 50%, Yellow Jacket also eliminates the need for other strapping materials or expensive cartons to secure loads.

And efficiency isn’t the only benefit.  Yellow Jacket’s customers have reported anywhere from $20,000-50,000 dollars saved annually in labor costs alone. Factor in the increase in product integrity, reduction in material use and other hidden costs, and the savings only increase. Tightly wrapped to the pallet, the load’s ability to shift, fall or slide in transit is nearly impossible.

The Yellow Jacket effectively secures complex fabrications, metal parts and loose assemblies on a pallet while simultaneously minimizing the time and labor traditionally required to secure the load to a pallet.

Yellow Jacket’s Orbital Stretch Wrapper is available in manual or semi-automatic. The 87M requires a footprint of only about 8’x9’ and runs on 110VAC- making it easy to install in most any plant. It also wraps a standard pallet size up to 68” diagonal.

The Yellow Jacket is further proof that Muller’s products provide industry specific solutions and continue the unique legacy of working tirelessly to help customers solve all load containment needs.

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