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Checking All The Boxes


Corrugated boxes aren’t terribly sexy—unless your customer is counting on delivery of your products in one piece, on time and undamaged. That’s when boxes become the last critical link in your manufacturing supply chain.

Joe Albert, VP of Sales & Marketing for Signode Industrial Group noted in a recent article that the delivery stage of the product journey is every bit as critical as product design and manufacturing. “Proper material handling can vary significantly, but selecting the right solutions can ensure the upstream value is not lost during transport,” Albert said.

It’s also important to make the case packing and securing process just as efficient as the others. Whether building boxes for manual packaging, or as part of an integrated pick-and-ship system, having the right box on hand can keep the supply chain moving—and that’s a critical requirement in today’s ‘I want it now’ mentality.

Combined with products such as Muller’s orbital Yellow Jacket stretch wrapper or the high-speed Octopus series of pallet wrappers, the end of the supply chain can be secure, no matter which size box gets made.

The Octopus offers ring stretch wrapping that reduces waste while securing products to their pallets. The unique ring technology helps speed pallets through the shipping process while ensuring everything stays where it is placed. There are models ranging from 60 pallet loads per hour for low volume or precision operations to the Octopus S-series, which can deliver 150 pallets per hour provide the speed today’s high-speed supply chain requires.

Why do secure pallets make such a difference? Think of it this way: the proper palletizing of your products is the last time your team will touch your product before it heads out the door to your customers.

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