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Summertime, and the livin’ is… humid

Welcome to summer! It’s a season of holidays, picnics and the occasional thunderstorm. Rain is the enemy of outdoor plans, but it is fatal to corrugated cardboard.

When Lachenmeier debuted its Multi FleXL stretch hood machine at CorrExpo 2017 in Providence, R.I., the goal was to provide the corrugated industry with a water-tight and secure shipping solution for box pallets of all shapes and sizes.

Because the Multi FleXL’s patented technology keeps loads both snug and dry, the boxes are protected from rain and humidity even when the weather changes. Combined with the popular Xeros stretch hood film, the box pallets are protected on five sides.

The Xeros film is a vital part of the solution as well. The multi-layer film technology repels not just water, humidity and condensation, but manages the impact of sunlight while maintaining the ability to read barcodes through the film.

“The system saves customers 10 percent in film consumption, is 100 percent waterproof, and eliminates the risk of contamination, (and it) addresses and solves many concerns in today’s supply chain,” Mark Wolschlag, National Accounts Manager at Muller, told the audience at CorrExpo 2017.

It will still be pretty humid in Indianapolis on September 25-26 when Corrugated Week, held only every four years, gathers industry leaders to look at the top trends and the best solutions. Multi FleXL and Zeros already have a one-year lead in establishing itself as a solution to keep the industry’s most vital asset secure and dry, no matter the weather.

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