Machine Stretch Film

At Muller, we don’t just manufacture stretch wrap equipment, we manufacture the stretch films that our machines use. Unlike other stretch wrap manufacturers, this puts Muller in a unique position to provide you with the stretch films that are best suited to your specific load containment and securement needs. Resulting in minimal waste, maximum productivity, increased profits, and optimal load containment.

Our manufacturing plants produce both blown and cast stretch films. Blown cast films, like Silent & Tough and AccuWrap, are stronger and more resistant to any tearing or puncturing that might happen during loading or transport. This makes blown stretch films ideally suited for wrapping and securing challenging loads like blocks, pavers, and agricultural products that would otherwise be difficult to ship. Cast stretch films are clear and more transparent than blown stretch films. The exceptional clarity of our Eliminator stretch film enables you to quickly and easily scan RFID or QR codes on shipping labels for inventory accuracy and position tracking. Each of our stretch film manufacturing plants have the latest, state-of-the-art quality control testing equipment to ensure that each and every one of our customers consistently receives stretch films that are problem-free and immediately ready to use. 

We offer a complete line of high quality stretch films designed to meet your specialized load containment needs. Continue reading to find detailed information about our Eliminator, Silent & Tough, and AccuWrap stretch films, including a full list of product features and applications.


Eliminator Stretch Wrap

Eliminator Stretch Machinery

Eliminator is a cast five-layer coextruded stretch film formulated with metallocene high tech resins for superior strength, a high level of puncture resistance, quiet unwind and excellent clarity.

Eliminator exhibits exceptional strength even at stretch levels from 200% to 300%.

Eliminator is a differential cling film which contains no migrating tackifier thus eliminating tackifier residue on wrapped products or prestretch rollers.

The high cling inside surface of Eliminator assures that film tails stay secured to the load while the outside surface is non-slippery and formulated to perform in a variety of powered prestretch devices, even those with worn prestretch rollers.

  • Advanced Metallocene Resin Formulation.
  • Superior Load Containment At 250%-300% Prestretch.
  • The Best Down-Gauge Film In The Industry.
  • Lower Cost Per Load For Your Customer.
  • Clear 5-Layer Cast Film With Exceptional Performance.
  • Eliminates Competition!

Silent & Tough

Silent & Tough

The “ST” stands for Silent and Tough.

Muller’s ST film is a superior three-layer blown, co-extruded film. It provides remarkable strength and puncture resistance which is ideal for wrapping some of the most challenging loads.

The ST film also provides exceptionally silent unwind and clarity that is usually only found in cast films.

Muller recently developed a ST film specifically for the block and paver industry.

It is proven to withstand the sharp, abrasive corners and edges associated with this type of product.

The high strength of the BP Film also provides enhanced load containment that has enabled our customers to dramatically reduce the amount of film required to properly secure the load.

  • Proprietary Metallocene resin formulation with a true one-sided cling.
  • Formulated to exceed prestretch levels of 250 to 300%.
  • No migrating tackifier which eliminates telescoping and any cling residue.
  • Recommended for B and C type loads.
  • Outstanding tear and puncture resistance.
  • Opportunity to lower your cost of film.


Muller’s all-new, puncture and tear resistant AccuWrap firmly secures product with its aggressive cling- in spite of grit and dust. It is a three-layer blown stretch film that offers superior strength and exceptional cling.

  • Great consistency and strength for difficult loads like blocks and pavers, agricultural products, metals, paper, hay and more
  • High pre-stretch for superior containment—up to 300%, for greater control and economies in usage
  • Exceptional cling means no slippage between rollers in older machines
  • High level of puncture resistance—enabling the benefits of maximum pre-stretch, even with sharp load corners
  • 110% guarantee on film quality—use the entire roll without film “hang ups” or you receive 110% of your purchase price in no-charge product.

No more finger-pointing between the stretch film machine maker and supplier...

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