Galewrap Stretch Platics

Why Galewrap?

GaleWrap Oriented Films and Oriented Equipment are products of Muller.

Our Oriented Pallet Wrap Films are marketed as an excellent alternative for Conventional Hand Wrap also known as—"Shrink Wrap or Pallet Wrap!"

These Oriented Pallet Stretch Films can be used either by hand or in conjunction with our GaleWrap Automation Concepts to address the following issues of securing pallets:

  • Wasted Rolls of Hand Film
  • Load Failures
  • Employee Injuries
  • Unstable Work Force

Pallet Stretch Film

Stack of GaleWrap on rolls

GaleWrap Oriented Film increases wrapping productivity by:

  • Reducing waste
  • Enhancing employee safety
  • Improving load containment
  • Lowering wrapping costs

Read more about the benefits of using GaleWrap Oriented Film.

Uncapped Fountain Pen

“With the Yellow Jacket we are now wrapping 4 skids in the time it took to wrap only one by hand,” says Kyle Cloman, President/CEO, Waste Gas Fabricating Co., Inc. “Coupled with the fact the job can be done by one employee instead of 2-3, we have already seen a return on this investment and paid for it in savings.”.

Kyle Cloman
Waste Gas Fabricating Co., Inc.

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