Additional Costs of Using Conventional Hand Film

How much does your roll REALLY cost?

Many companies think that their cost of using Conventional Hand Films or "Shrink Wrap" is limited to just the cost of the roll; however, take into consideration all of the "hidden costs" of using this product—you will be surprised at how much more your roll of "inexpensive" hand film costs—NO MATTER HOW LOW THE PRICE PER ROLL WAS!

Listed below are the four areas that add costs to your roll:

  • Waste

    Waste due to "nicked" or Barber Polling" rolls can add 10% to 30% to hand film costs.

  • Load Failures
    Load Failures

    Load Failure costs due to improperly wrapped loads can run between 1/10 of 1% to 3% of the annual value of the products shipped.

  • Employee Injuries
    Employee Injuries

    The average worker's compensation claim in the US is over $21,000. (US Dept of Labor)

  • Unstable Work Force
    Unstable Work Force

    In general, employees who wrap pallets by hand are very transient, resulting in substantially higher costs due to hiring, training and retaining of employees.

Points to Consider

Wrapping pallets by hand is hard work!
  • Loads are rarely wrapped consistently correct.
  • Medical expenses and lost wages for employees harmed on the job costs the U.S. Economy over $40 billion per year.
  • Specifically, over $15 billion in claims are due to the following types of injuries:
    • Pulling
    • Pushing
    • Repetitive Motion
    • Bending
    • Slipping
Could any of these injuries happen to you?
  • Conventional hand film MUST be stretched over 150% to be effective
  • On average, hand wrap is rarely stretched more than 20% – resulting in poorly wrapped pallets
  • Conventional Hand Film is very wasteful, because when it is dropped on the ground, it hangs up on the edges!

Why Choose GaleWrap?

GaleWrap Oriented Stretch Films and Oriented Stretch Wrap Equipment are products of Muller, a division of the Signode Industrial Group.

GaleWrap Oriented Stretch Films are an excellent alternative for Conventional Hand Wrap also know as—" Shrink Wrap!"

GaleWrap Oriented Stretch Film can be used as a hand stretch wrap or in conjunction with our GaleWrap Automation Concepts to address the following issues of wrapping pallets by hand with Conventional Hand Wrap:

  • Wasted Rolls of Hand Film
  • Load Failures
  • Employee Injuries
  • Unstable Work Force

Customers can access GaleWrap Automation through our Wrap n' Ship™ Program.

Even OSHA recommends you take film out of the hands of your employees and now Muller has made Automation more accessible than ever through the Wrap n' Ship™Program.

Before we go any further on the benefits of GaleWrap® Oriented Stretch Film and Oriented Stretch Film Equipment, we ask the question: How much does your conventional hand film REALLY cost you per roll?