W-4100 Robotic Pallet Wrapper

  • Operates with GaleWrap Oriented Stretch Film
  • Elimination of Load Failures
  • Better Product Protection
  • Improved Productivity
  • Improved Employee Safety
  • Production speeds of 37 loads/hr
  • Telescoping mast allows for easy mobility, accommodating loads up to 7' 7" tall
  • Built-in film cutter cuts film at completion of wrap cycle
  • Counter balance wheel allows user to wrap any dimension pallet
  • Minimum pallet dimensions for wrapping: 2’ x 2’
  • Standard pallet height for wrapping: up to 7’ 7”
Film Delivery
  • Carriage is optimized for GaleWrap® Oriented Stretch Film
  • Tension adjusts electronically from the control panel
  • Loads and unloads easily
Electrical Data
  • Driving voltage: 24V/DC
  • Built-in battery charger: 230 volt 50/60 Hz mono-phase
  • Wraps up to 300 pallets on a single charge
Operating Controls
  • Wrap Up/Down Cycle
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Independent Top and Bottom Wrap pattern selection from 1-20 wraps
  • Automatic and manual pallet height control
  • Simplified control panel functions, including electromagnetic friction adjustable brake
  • Enlarged Push/Pull emergency stop button
  • Safety contact edge stops all power to the machine if contacted
  • Low voltage