Specialty Stretch Films

UVI Stretch Plastics

UVI Stretch FIlm

Muller offers a variety of films with Ultra Violet Inhibitor.  This additive is used to extend the useful life of the film which is typically weakened by prolonged exposure to UV light (sunlight).

  • Helps resist UV damage to the film, but does not protect the product.
  • Standard stretch film will degrade when exposed to UV rays. The degree to which the film can withstand UV light is dependent on many factors including the intensity of the sun.
  • Ideal for products such as concrete pavers and bagged product that is stored in an outdoor yard for extended periods of time.

VCI Specialty

VCI Film next to employee of same height

A specialty film manufactured with a Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor that activates upon application.

  • Helps prevent rust on iron and steel products.
  • Product must be completely covered on all sides.
  • Ideal for wrapping steel coils and other metal stock.

6th Generation Sheet

6th Generation Stretch Film

An extremely high strength film manufactured to withstand the harshest environments.

  • A patented laminated film reinforced with fiber strands.
  • Designed to resist cuts and severe abrasion.
  • Ideal for wrapping metal sheets and other product with sharp edges.

Logo Wrap™ Sheets

Customized Logo Stretch Film

A custom printed film that can be applied to wrapped loads.

  • Provides an automated and affordable way to present 4-sided identification.
  • Used with patented LogoWrap dispenser on Octopus stretch wrappers.

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