Effective Pallets

LOCK N' POP®'s revolutionary new easy release stabilizing adhesives for plastic surfaces reduce in-house and in-transit damage. The products are specifically designed to assist with stabilizing unit loads of shrink-wrapped trays, bundles, and poly bagged product, including woven polypropylene. Packages won't slide yet they come apart easily with little evidence of residue.

Stronger than stretch wrap alone and safer than hot melt, Lock n' Pop is better for your packages and your bottom line. Applied without heat to your bundles - using compact, inexpensive, virtually maintenance-free equipment - it locks each tray-pack , shrink-bundle, or bag to another, holding your pallets together from the inside out.

LOCK N' POP®'s amazing shear strength keeps packages from shifting side-to-side, a quality especially important in intermodal shipping. It has been shown to eliminate the need for corner boards and extra dunnage! Yet its low fracture tensile strength makes it easy to "pop" the surfaces apart, so you don't damage your packages, your graphics or your back.

These new products are true breakthroughs. Unlike solvent or latex based materials that may be hazardous or difficult to clean and maintain, the new products are completely water-soluble, and require minimal maintenance on application equipment.

Formulated with FDA approved ingredients, products- can be applied to ambient as well as refrigerated or frozen goods.

Two types of product are available. One dries non-tacky and is used primarily on poly bags, bundles and flat topped tray packs.

Also available in aerosol cans can also be convenient for the small off- line jobs! The other, has re-tack properties allowing for re-stacking without the need for re-application.

This product is useful on very unstable packages such as bottle packs with little surface contact. Both have applied costs of just pennies a pallet load!

pallets stabilized with adhesive

bottles in tray stabilized
palletized bag stabilized with adhesive