LOCK N' POP® vs. Stretch Wrap

Protecting the Environment & Your Bottom Line

Stronger than stretch wrap and significantly less expensive, LOCK N' POP® can improve your bottom line even if you choose to use it in combination with stretch wrap. Because you’ll:

  • Use less stretch wrap or none at all
  • Substantially minimize shipping damage — along with the high cost of re-palletizing and replacing goods.

And while it’s protecting your packages and your bottom line, it’s also protecting our environment — in sharp contrast to the environmental hazards of producing and using stretch wrap.

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  • No waste
  • Recyclable
  • Requires far less oil
  • Emits only trace amounts of carbon dioxide
cost comparison chart lock n' pop vs stretch wrap

LOCK N' POP® vs. Hot Melt

Protecting Your Packages & Your Employees

At pennies per pallet, LOCK N' POP® is comparable in price to hot melt, but is better for your packages and safer for your employees.


  • Doesn’t tear your packages
  • Doesn’t deface your graphics
  • Doesn’t burn employees
  • Leaves no residue
  • Works on more surfaces and is maintenance free