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-Water-based cohesive reduces stretch wrap usage and ensures greater load containment-

Glenview, IL (July 5, 2016) – Lock N’ Pop™, a premier load containment solution provider from Muller LCS and part of SIG, proves to be a reliable source for beverage companies. Typically stretch wrapped or shrink wrapped, beverage loads are heavy and usually require multiple layers of film and additional packing methods to ensure safe transport. Lock N’ Pop provides a safe an effective alternative to traditional pallet securing methods.

The Lock N’ Pop solution is a water-based cohesive that is stronger than stretch wrap alone and is cold applied, making it safer than hot melt. It does not leave a sticky residue or harm packaging surfaces when unstacking/popping product apart.  Lock N’ Pop further allows for heavy reductions in traditional packaging —stretch film, tier sheets, dunnage bags, corner boards, and more can be virtually eliminated while maintaining proper load security.

“Lock N’ Pop greatly reduces waste and substantially minimizes shipping damage,” says Neil Weisensel, Brand & Marketing Director, Muller LCS. “Our solutions significantly reduce the high cost of re-palletizing and replacing goods.”

By eliminating the need for tier sheets (interleaving sheets) and corner boards on pallets, customers can save up to 50 percent on material cost alone while simultaneously ensuring greater pallet protection. In shrink wrap applications where liter bottles are stacked on top of each other,  Lock N’ Pop applicators can place the cohesive precisely on the bottle caps- once stacked, a secure bond forms that will last throughout the supply chain.

“At first glance, clients are always skeptical to remove so much of their previous packaging with a food grade cohesive —they think it won’t be enough,” says Weisensel. “Countless applications worldwide proves that no matter the location, temperature or conditions, Lock N’ Pop stands the tests.”

Lock N’ Pop cohesive can be applied with or without Lock N’ Pop equipment —which is compact, inexpensive, and virtually maintenance free. Unlike solvent or latex based materials that may be hazardous or difficult to clean and maintain, Lock N’ Pop solutions are completely water-soluble, and require minimal maintenance on application equipment. Formulated with FDA approved ingredients, the cohesive can be applied to ambient as well as refrigerated or frozen goods.

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