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--Value added solution on display in South Hall at Loveshaw booth #S-3100--

Glenview, IL, (November  06, 2016)— Muller, a leading manufacturer of both innovative equipment and material load containment solutions, is helping attendees maximize brand awareness throughout the packaging supply chain at PACK EXPO 2016 in Chicago, IL with sister company Loveshaw in Booth # S-3100.  Muller will display its patented Logo Wrap™ solution on its recently launched, economical and efficient, Raptor™ HPL high profile turntable stretch wrapper. 

Previously, Logo Wrap was only available on Muller’s Octopus™ line of high-speed, automatic, stretch wrappers.  Now, the availability of Logo Wrap on Muller’s turntable wrapper means manufacturers at all levels of automation can benefit.  Attendees to the booth will be able to see the solution in action and learn more about all Muller leading load containment solutions.

“Logo Wrap has been very popular with customers servicing big-box stores or delivering pallets on open-bed trucks as it provides an effective and efficient way to custom brand pallet loads” says Neil Weisensel, Brand and Marketing Director, Muller. “We added it to our latest turntable so customers at all levels could reap the solution’s benefits.”

Whether looking to stand out on store shelves or simply provide more product or handling information, Logo Wrap film is customized to meet any need. Unlike hand-applied stickers, Logo Wrap film won’t degrade or fall off. It’s also visible from all sides of the pallet. The film is applied as part of the normal stretch wrapping process. Equipment like Muller’s Raptor HPL or Octopus ring wrappers, work by seamlessly switching from traditional stretch film to Logo Wrap film and applying it when and where needed on the load. A stretch film itself, Logo Wrap enhances pallet security while simultaneously providing a solution that maintains brand integrity and visibility even in harsh and dusty environments.

“Logo Wrap is a great example of our commitment to delivering value-added load containment solutions,” says Weisensel. “That said, it’s important to understand the equipment that carries Logo Wrap is equally innovative.”  

Muller’s Raptor HPL turntable stretch wrapper boasts a heavy-duty construction that can wrap up to 35 loads per hour. Its elevated platform is ideal for high debris areas and harsh environments. Furthermore, the patented strain gauge technology allows for electronic film feed and optimized handling on pallet load corners. The turntable also contains a lubrication free power pre-stretch carriage with variable pre-stretch levels from 100% to 300%, guaranteeing users optimal film usage while preventing film breaks and product damage.  Intuitive controls and an easy-to-use interface make it ideal for operators; whereas the built in Logo Wrap solution makes it ideal for marketers.

“The Raptor HPL is ideal for companies looking to personalize pallet loads while gaining the same level of efficiency, simplicity and safety common with our other semi-automatic wrappers,” says Weisensel.

For higher throughput and full automation, Octopus ring wrappers have been a leading choice for over 30 years. Developed specifically as a machine enhancement, Logo Wrap has grown to become a favored upgrade on new Octopus machine orders. It can also be added as a retrofit on existing Octopus machines. Inherent benefits offered by ring technology are further enhanced by the fact all Octopus models are designed to provide roughly 25% in film savings with the ability to tailor film tension settings and wrap patters. Capable of stretch wrapping speeds from 60-150 loads per hour, depending on machine model, Octopus meets varying manufacturing demands.

“Our Octopus equipment has a proven legacy for delivering superior flexibility, speed and reliability,” Weisensel added. “Logo Wrap is one example of how we continue to enhance our technology to meet demands of today as well as tomorrow.”

Attendees to Pack Expo can learn more about Octopus or see the Raptor HPL with Logo Wrap firsthand during daily product demonstrations.     

For general information about Muller contact directly via email:, or by phone: 1-800-OCTOPUS (1-800-628-6787)