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Beating the odds of “pack-to-ship” pressures

Wrapping several large gas pump valances to a single pallet with the Yellow Jacket 110 Stretch Wrap Machine. We also offer a replacement for semi-automatic wrapper equipment, semi-automatic wrappers, shrink wrap, shrink wrap equipment, skid equipment, stationary wrapper equipment.
Wrapping several large gas pump valances to a single pallet with the Yellow Jacket 110.

To boost pack-to-ship performance regarding irregularly shaped metal fabricated and powder-coated parts, Groveport, Ohio-based Staber Industries turned to new orbital stretch-wrap technology with the purchase of a Yellow Jacket 110®, a system that is uniquely engineered to safely and cost-efficiently secure oversized or odd-shaped palleted loads without bands. Staber Industries realized a speedy return on its investment through greater productivity, minimized labor, ease of operation and the prevention of product damage during shipment.

To maintain its diversification, more than 40% of Staber Industries' business focuses on contract fabrication work. The rest of its business involves producing commercial and residential laundry equipment (re-manufacturing components from companies such as Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen). In 1994, Staber introduced its own washer, the only tumble action washer made in the U.S. that maintains top loading convenience. To fully utilize its production facility, equipment and man-power beyond their own production, contract fabricating and finishing services were introduced.

Consequently, Staber turned to new orbital stretch wrap technology offered by the Yellow Jacket 110. Also look for stationary wrappers, strapping, strapping equipment, stretch wrap, stretch wrap equipment, tabletop wrapper equipment, tabletop wrappers,  vertical wrap equipment from Yellow Jacket.
Hanging small parts for powder coating.

For Staber Industries, its mission is consistent quality and cost-efficiency in each of its profit centers. As its powder-coat/paint line expanded to serve an increasing number of manufacturers, the company found a weak link in pack-to-ship productivity. Most of its loads are bulky and irregularly shaped. Staber needed to replace its labor-intensive steel banding method. Besides being costly, steel banding was not able to lock down each load, allowing shifting, sliding and costly damage during shipment. Also, traditional stretch-wrap methods could not safely secure their odd-shaped loads. Consequently, Staber turned to new orbital stretch-wrap technology offered by the Yellow Jacket 110.

Boosts productivity while minimizing labor

Straight on view of wrapping large gas pump valances to a single pallet with the Stretch Wrap Equipment. Load tie downs, conveyor wrap equipment, cargo wrapping equipment & bundling equipment are also provided by Yellow Jacket.
Straight on view of wrapping large gas pump valances to a single pallet.

“Steel banding was definitely a two-man operation," says Bill Staber, President. "Now, with the Yellow Jacket 110, we have nearly tripled our pack-to-ship productivity and we need only one man to prepare the load for shipment. Our two-man operation used to take 15 minutes per pallet. Now our one-man operation takes under five minutes per load. The Yellow Jacket 110 is a big plus in getting more product out the door," he adds.

Unlike traditional stretch-wrappers that wrap around a vertical axis, the Yellow Jacket 110 wraps around a horizontal axis. The wrapping cylinder carries a spool of stretch-wrap on a moving dispenser. Mounted on a base, the cylinder easily moves parallel to the forks of a forklift. The stretch-wrap is dispensed around and under the loaded pallet, while the cylinder is manually or automatically advanced forward across the pallet. This eliminates the need for bands or straps to attach irregularly shaped loads to pallets.

Proven ROI

Stretch wrapping painted. Automatic wrapping equipment, banding equipment & cargo wrapping equipment are other possiblities from Yellow Jacket.
Stretch wrapping painted
ornamental railing to a single
pallet with the Yellow Jacket 110.

“Do the math," says Staber. “If it takes about five minutes for one man to pick up a pallet with the forklift, put the load into the stretch-wrap system, wrap it, and then put the secured load in the shipping area; based on 14 loads per day, that's 70 minutes of labor costs. With the old steel banding method, it took two men 15 minutes. That's 420 minutes or 7 hours of labor costs. Figuring labor at a round average of $20 per hour (including labor and benefit costs), as well as material usage, the new system allows us to save at least $180 per day or nearly $1,000 in labor costs per week," he figures.

Note: It is important to conduct periodic examinations of costs per pallet, as loads and products change over time. In addition to labor costs, hidden costs should also be calculated. These may include costs of materials used to protect product from being damaged by banding, and product damage and/or injury if a band breaks during shipment or handling.

Bending and welding services for contract customers, as well as their own washing machine product production.  Orbital equipment, hand wrap equipment & various material equipment is offered by Yellow Jacket.
Bending and welding services for contract customers, as well as their own washing machine product production.

Secures any load size & shape…without scratching the painted surface

“On the powder coat side of our business, there are no 12-inch-square products stacked four-wide and six-high on a skid," says Staber. “We handle all different shapes and sizes. Things that are almost impossible to strap down, such as wrought iron railing, fencing and gates; and the circular, wraparound valences for gas pumps. And, the other problem you run into is that once you paint something, it becomes slippery. You put these painted parts on top of one another and they slide all over the place, marring the paint job. Traditional methods simply tie the parts together, while this orbital technology locks the products down to the pallet, which acts as the foundation," Staber explains.

With orbital technology, the pallet becomes the backbone of the load. This provides a superior package over traditional wrapping methods that require more wraps and film, but does not fully secure the load. The Yellow Jacket 110 features a wrap tension that adjusts easily to provide a range of film stretch, which can secure cargo of any dimension, weight or shape. "As we expand our powder coat business, the Yellow Jacket helps us to cost-effectively pursue more of these job-shop, custom-type projects. It definitely relieves us of the problems involved in shipping these loads. It's peace of mind. We don't have to worry about damage to the powder coating. We just hit two red buttons and it's wrapped and secured through the entire shipping process," stresses Staber.

The Yellow Jacket 110 Stretch Wrap Equipment is designed for portability. Don't forget Yellow Jacket carries manual or automatic wrapping eqiupment & palletizing equipment.
Assembly of washing machine drums.


“When the Yellow Jacket 110 was delivered, it took all of 15 minutes to show everybody how to use it. It is extremely easy to operate," says Staber who particularly likes the system's operator convenience factors.

Although Staber Industries is currently dedicating the system to one shipping area,
the Yellow Jacket 110 is designed for portability. The model 87-M can be moved easily, on locking casters, throughout an operation and can be plugged into any 110-volt outlet. The system works with all types of equipment — rider forklifts and narrow aisle lifts and with a semi-automatic model, the rider can remain on the forklift for all operations.

Because orbital stretch-wrap technology can lock down any load — standard, irregular or oversized — the Yellow Jacket 110 is an easy, yet safe, secure and cost-effective way to attain superior pack-to-ship performance.

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