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The Yellow Jacket 110®, a new orbital stretch wrap system that is designed to cost-effectively and reliably secure irregular or odd-shaped loads without bands. Palletizing equipment & portable wrapper equipment are also available from Yellow Jacket.
Yellow Jacket stretch-wrapping of large fan motor

Tri-State Fabricators realized a total productivity package with the purchase of the Yellow Jacket 110®, a new orbital stretch-wrap system that is designed to cost–effectively and reliably secure irregular or odd-shaped loads without bands. The company’s rapid return on investment is the result of big time–and–money–saving benefits that include increased shipping capacities, minimized labor requirements, damage prevention, decreased maintenance and material costs, and a significant drop in injuries and worker’s compensation claims.

Family owned and operated since the late 1970’s, Tri-State Fabricators positions itself as a high-quality, one-stop metal fabrication, painting and powder coating operation. With both job shop and long-term contract work, the company services small businesses to large corporations in a variety of market segments. Its focus on versatility results in load sizes of all shapes, dimensions and weights. “We ship parts that are the size of a quarter all the way up to lengths of 18-feet,” says Jack Deimling, shipping manager for Tri-State Fabricators. “No matter what size or shape of load, I have to make sure that the product remains safely on the pallet throughout shipment. If we had purchased any other type of stretch-wrap system — even up to three standard systems — it wouldn’t have solved our problems. With the Yellow Jacket 110 stretch-wrapper, you leave the building knowing that every load is going to be safe and that you’ve done it right the first time,” he adds.

Yellow Jacket stretch wrapping 18' long fabricated beams. We also offer banding equipment & cargo wrapping equipment.
Yellow Jacket stretch-wrapping 18’ long fabricated beams in the orbital stretch-wrap machine..

A productivity makeover cut pack–to–ship costs by more than two-thirds. Deimling explains that nearly two years ago, the department was using a three-person packing crew — one person on the forklift and two people to wrap the load. “The forklift operator would have to stop everything, find two people, pull them off their jobs, so they could take up to 20 minutes to wrap one load. This was costly, time consuming and very inefficient. You can imagine the costs involved by using three workers. With the new stretch-wrap system, one person can do the job of three, more safely and more economically,” stresses Deimling.

With the Yellow Jacket 110 stretch-wrapping equipment, the cargo and pallet is left on the forklift. The driver positions the loaded pallet in the center of the wrapping cylinder. A simple push button activates a horizontally positioned stretch-wrap dispenser that moves around and under the cargo, while the machine’s cylinder is manually or automatically advanced along the length of the load. The load is locked down to the pallet within a minute or two, without bands or straps, and remains bound to the pallet throughout shipment.


The stretch wrap machine has allowed us to nearly triple our shipping capacity, while significantly cutting our costs. Conveyor wrap equipment, feed wrapping equipment & fork lift equipment are other possiblities from Yellow Jacket.
Jack Deimling in front of odd shaped fabricated assembly and Yellow Jacket machine.
“The unit has allowed us to nearly triple our shipping capacity, while significantly cutting our costs. Before the Yellow Jacket, we were doing only about 30 pallets a day. Now, we’re doing 80 to 90 pallets each day, and I can turn a truck in about 15 minutes. Before, it would take nearly an hour just to get the product ready to put on the truck, and I had to bring people in early on overtime to do that. The system has already paid for itself in labor costs savings alone,” claims Deimling. And, there are additional savings as well, he says. With the new stretch-wrap system, less fuel and maintenance is required for forklift operation. Also, the larger rolls of stretch-wrap used on the Yellow Jacket stretch-wrapper deliver a reduction in the per-square-foot costs of stretch-wrap film. Lastly, the company no longer needs to stock a variety of pallet sizes. Because the wrap is applied around and under the cargo and the pallet, any product can be secured to virtually any size pallet. “When you look at what we save by no longer purchasing additional pallets, less forklift fuel and maintenance, major manpower cuts, and the ability to get far more out the door, it all adds up,” says Deimling. In fact, Tri-State Fabricators Vice-President of Sales, Rick Vogt, calculates that it took less than six months to realize a complete return on investment concerning the Yellow Jacket 110.


Safety for the product…and the worker
YellowJacket Stretch Wrap Machine can lock down standard, irregular or odd-shaped loads securely to the pallet. Also look for orbitla equipment and various material handling equipment from Yellow Jacket.
Numerous pallet shapes and sizes at Tri-State Fabricators, Inc.

In this day and age, remarks Deimling, one of the most important factors is safety. “With our old hand-wrapping methods, the forklift would go up and down and there would be people underneath that pallet trying to wrap it.

When the Yellow Jacket pallet wrapper came along, it was our answer to getting workers out and away from these moving pallets, and preventing serious accidents,” he says. As shipping manager, Deimling must also guarantee that a damage-free product arrives safely at the customer’s door.

The Yellow Jacket 110 stretch-wrapper can lock down standard, irregular or odd-shaped loads securely to the pallet. Every load is protected from costly damage due to shifting and sliding. Orbital stretch-wrapping also prevents load contamination from dust and debris. “We want a zero return rate. That’s how you remain profitable,” says Deimling. “We’ve not had any worker’s compensation claims for this process since we’ve started using the Yellow Jacket, and we don’t anticipate any. We’ve discovered a great way to safely package and ship, as well as eliminating returns,” he comments.

Customer appreciation
When the YellowJacket Stretch Wrap Machine came along, it was our answer to getting workers out and away from these moving pallets, and preventing serious accidents. Also look for manual wrapper equipment & other packaging equipment from Yellow Jacket.
Deimling standing near an odd shaped ornamental railing assembly ready for stretch-wrapping.

As a veteran shipping manager, Deimling has always felt that customers don’t care about how their shipment is wrapped as long as the load arrives in perfect condition. “We’ve always secured our loads and we’ve always taken great pride in what we do. But then we noticed that when customers would drop by, they would see the new unit, go over and look at it, and they were totally amazed. You have to really see it to appreciate it. When our customers see what the Yellow Jacket can do — and they are still using the old methods — they often say, ‘Wow, that’s incredible.’”

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