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Yellow Jacket 110 Model 87-SA Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Protects Against Workforce Injury & DowntimeYellow Jacket LLP introduces an ergonomically-friendly semi-automatic stretch-wrap machine to fasten shipping pallet loads securely and safely, with added versatility and greater affordability than competitive models. An automated stretch-wrapping machine like the Yellow Jacket 110® stretch-wrap equipment can help protect workers from disabling cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) such as: light back injuries. The Yellow Jacket 110 Model 87-SA (semi-automatic) allows forklift drivers to stretch-wrap nearly any size and shape and load right on the pallet and all from the seat of the forklift. Stretch wrapping by hand can cause awkward positions in the trunk and the shoulders. These positions are often held for extended periods of time. The Yellow Jacket 110 stretch-wrapper can help to eliminate these problems while at the same time streamlining the stretch-wrapping process.

According to an Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation study of three manufacturing locations that incorporated stretch-wrapping machines:

  • There was a 14 percent improvement in the CTD incidence rate
  • The days lost due to CTDs dropped from 369 days per 200,000 hours worked to 0
  • The turnover rate (per 200,000 hours worked) declined from 94.6 to 35.3
  • The restricted days due to CTDs decreased from 125 days per 200,000 hours worked to 39.3 – a 69% improvement

More on the Equipment

The Yellow Jacket 110 stretch-wrapper saves money and time within all types of shipping operations. This can be attributed to reasons such as:

  • Our stretch-wrap equipment wraps loads while the driver remains on the forklift for all operations, providing faster and more ergonomically sound packaging/shipping operations…and adding to your overall confidence of more secured loads along the way
  • The stretch-wrap machine works with all types of equipment…it may be used with both rider forklifts and stand up, narrow aisle lifts
  • It is easily repaired/maintained with standard off-the-shelf replacement parts

“Lock Down” Assures Secured Product on Pallet

Yellow Jacket LLP introduces ergonomically-friendly semi-automatic stretch wrap machines to fasten shipping pallet loads securely, with added versatility & greater affordability than competitive models. Automated stretch wrap equipment like the Yellow Jacket 110® can protect workers from disabling, cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs). This semi-automatic pallet wrapper offers increased confidence and security through the use of its Lock Down Technology which wraps around the cargo and pallet to secure any load without bands. The wrap tension adjusts easily to provide a range of 0-200% film stretch, which can secure cargo of any dimension or weight and loads of standard, oversized and irregular shapes. The Lock Down Technology assures that loads remain secured during shipment, eliminating any shifting or sliding that could cause costly damage.

The Yellow Jacket 110 Model 87-SA’s versatility allows it to meet a multitude of stretch-wrap needs. The pallet size that the machine can wrap is 52 square inches and five feet long, but the machine base may be increased in six-foot increments to handle longer pallet lengths. It is also available in manually operated and fully automated models and each can be completely customized. Compared to other pallet wrapping machines, the Yellow Jacket 110 Model 87-SA provides a more cost-effective means toward stretch-wrapping pallets for shipping.

Ease-of-use is another advantage offered by the Yellow Jacket 110. Both technical and non-technical personnel can be trained on machine use and safety in just one hour.

For more information on any of our stretch-wrap machines, contact Yellow Jacket LLP, PO Box 1306, 4589 Wabash Rd., Marion, IN 46952. Phone: 765-671-7879. Fax: 765-671-7875.

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