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Visitors will also experience the company’s new “Global Equipment Platform” at Booth #1819

Chicago, IL, (October 28, 2012)—Muller LCS, a leading manufacturer of both innovative stretch wrap equipment and high quality stretch wrap film, is exhibiting at Pack Expo International 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.  The company, which announced its new corporate structure earlier this year, is also unveiling several new technologies at its booth.

For the first time since announcing its new corporate structure, Muller LCS is exhibiting with Yellow Jacket and GaleWrap, both of which now operate under the Muller LCS name.  Attendees have the ability to see firsthand the latest products and technologies developed through the collaborative effort of these leading companies. Also for the first time in North America, attendees can experience the new “Global Equipment Platform” which gives customers a greater breadth of solutions to support stretch wrapping needs around the world.

“It is an exciting show this year and we are showcasing more than ever,” says Dan Schmidt, Business Development manager at Muller LCS.   “Attendees to our booth can find nearly every stretch wrapping solution they need- our newly designed solutions may even show them something they haven’t thought of before.”

As part of the new global platform, attendees can see several improvements to the Muller Octopus™ line of automatic rotary ring stretch wrappers. On display, the Octopus “S” Series has been newly designed and will feature a load stabilizer, new load lift conveyer and the highly anticipated No Touch No Tail (NT²) seaming device- an effective and efficient alternative to heat seal pads or wipe down systems. The Octopus “B” Series is also available and features the companies’ popular LogoWrap™ and Tail Tucker upgrades. Both the Octopus S and B Series come equipped with the new patented Easy S Film Carriage which enables simple film loading, maximizes pre-stretch performance and minimizes wear. 

In addition, Muller LCS also unveils its latest enhancement to its Raptor Series of semi-automatic turntable machines- Raptor Plus. The machine, which can wrap up to 35 loads per hour, has adjustable carriage and turntable speeds.  The Raptor Plus has a motorized power pre-stretch system (260%) with adjustable film tension control that guarantees users optimal film usage.  Film tension control ensures superior load containment and helps eliminate film breaks and product damage. 

GaleWrap’s GW-4100 robotic pallet wrapper will also be showcased at the booth. The wrapper boasts speeds of 37 loads/hr and comes standard with a telescoping mast that allows for easy mobility, accommodating loads up to 6’11”high (93”). Its built-in film cutter cuts film at completion of wrap cycles. In addition, the GW-4100 has an independent top and bottom wrap pattern selection from 1-20 wraps. Optimized for use with GaleWrap’s Oriented Film, the film tension can be adjusted electronically from the control panel.

In fact, GaleWrap and Muller films will be in use with all machines on display- from their Oriented films to the environmentally friendly Reducer™ machine and LITE™ hand film. Experts from multiple facets of the organization will also be on hand to answer attendee questions- from service and parts to equipment, film and retrofits.

For general information about Muller LCS, Yellow Jacket and GaleWrap, contact directly via email:, or by phone: 1-800-OCTOPUS (1-800-628-6787)



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About Muller LCS
Muller LCS is a leading manufacturer of both innovative stretch wrap equipment and high quality stretch wrap film. Headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL, the company provides a single source for all stretch packaging needs. Muller’s highly regarded OctopusTM stretch wrapper line, along with other reliable equipment such as the CobraTM and RaptorTM, provide customers with a wide range of solutions. In 2012, Muller LCS added the Yellow Jacket brand orbital stretch-wrapping equipment and services to its offerings.  The equipment locks uneven and oddly-shaped loads to the pallet, offering a quick and secure wrap.  Also in 2012, Muller LCS added GaleWrap® Oriented Film and Oriented Equipment to its product offerings.   As an alternative to conventional hand wrapping, GaleWrap Oriented Film and Equipment offer increased wrapping productivity, enhanced employee safety, improved load containment and lower total pallet wrapping costs.

With the help of an extensive engineering team and talented manufacturing technicians, Muller has a proven history of developing distinctive machines and innovative options to satisfy some of the most difficult stretch wrapping challenges. Crystal clear, high quality cast stretch films are manufactured using a sophisticated 5-layer extrusion process at an Muller LCS facility in Orange, Texas. Products include the EliminatorTM and ReducerTM machine films.  Strategically located just outside Atlanta, Georgia, Muller's Douglasville stretch film manufacturing facility produces millions of pounds of blown stretch film annually on state-of-the-art equipment.  Meeting the needs of both hand and machine film applications, products include GaleWrap and ImpactTM hand films and the STTM machine film.  The facility adheres to strict quality control procedures to assure consistent, problem-free product.