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--Enhanced Plan Minimizes Equipment Downtime and Reduces Stretch Wrapping Costs--

Chicago, IL, (April, 2014)— Muller, a leading manufacturer of both innovative equipment and material load containment solutions, announces real-time equipment support through its Remote Service Plan.  With greater security and faster connection, the enhanced plan minimizes equipment downtime and reduces stretch wrapping costs. 

Waiting for a technician to arrive can take hours or even days. Muller’s service option allows technicians to connect to the equipment through a secure network and within minutes, the technician can login and diagnose, correct or upgrade any part of the equipment that is connected to the Ethernet network.  Available on all new Octopus rotary ring stretch wrap machines, the Remote Service Plan may be retrofitted onto existing Muller automatic stretch wrappers.

“For every minute the machine is not wrapping it’s costing the manufacturer money,” says Tom Mutch, Products and Applications Engineer, Muller. “With the Remote Service Plan, we can now resolve many common issues over the internet.”

Upgrading existing Muller equipment is just as simple. After installing a device to the customers Ethernet network, Muller technicians can remotely help their clients with wrap pattern changes, PLC and HMI program updates and adjusting variable frequency drive parameters. 

“Many companies are downsizing and may not have the necessary support on-hand to maintain their equipment,” says Mutch. “This service gives them access to our experienced technicians with a higher response time.  It further allows us to offer greater preventative care on their machines since we can quickly see what maintenance is required.”

For more information about Muller contact directly via email:, or by phone: 1-800-OCTOPUS (1-800-628-6787)