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Oil Field Products Manufacturer Reduces Employee Injuries and Safety Hazards with Yellow Jacket Stretch Wrap Machine

High Tech Components reduced employee injuries and safety hazards with a Yellow Jacket stretch wrap machineHigh Tech Components, Inc. (Lafayette, LA) previously stretch wrapped its products, primarily for the oil field industry, by hand. This method left the company susceptible to employee injuries, product damage and reduced productivity. Hand wrapping required three workers to complete the process and even then, the pallet was not always properly wrapped. Joey LeRouge, General Manager of High Tech Components, knew something had to be done to replace the current wrapping method. He was visited by a Yellow Jacket representative and liked what he saw with the orbital stretch wrap technology. Since purchasing a Yellow Jacket stretch wrap machine, High Tech Components has eliminated shipping-related damages, wrapping-related injuries and safety hazards related to falling parts.

About the Company

The Yellow Jacket wraps loads as a horizontally positioned stretch-wrap dispenser moves around and under a load. Since 1987 High Tech Components, Inc., a machine shop and manufacturer, has provided oil field products and Gate Valve Components, as well as a full line of contract job shop services to the petrochemical and other industries. Recently, the company has been stocking more inventory, storing it four high on a pallet rack, and placing it about 20 feet in the air. This caused some safety concerns in regards to parts potentially falling off the pallets and hitting someone.  

Other issues were the risk of employee injury and the number of employees needed for the hand wrapping process. High Tech Components’ hand wrapping method usually required three employees: one stayed on the forklift while two others were on either side of the pallet, pulling the stretch wrap over and under the load. The constant standing up and bending over was a risk for back and other injuries. Also, using three workers took labor away from other parts of the shop.

“And even with that particular process we didn’t have the proper wrapping in some cases because you weren’t able to get around the pallet enough to put enough shrink wrap on it,” says LeRouge. Keeping parts secure is not only imperative for keeping the machine shop safe, but also for keeping the parts damage-free. Components manufactured at the company are made of metal and if they are not secured to the pallet they can move around during shipping, creating potential product damage. Damaged parts are shipped back to High Tech Components and if they are beyond repair the parts are scrapped.

Yellow Jacket Orbital Stretch Wrap Technology

High Tech Components purchased a Yellow Jacket 87” Manual (87-M) orbital stretch wrap machine.In order to eliminate the safety hazards and possible injuries, High Tech Components purchased a Yellow Jacket 87” Manual (87-M) orbital stretch wrap machine. The Yellow Jacket wraps loads as a horizontally positioned stretch-wrap dispenser moves around and under a load. The Yellow Jacket is manually advanced across the length of the load to lock standard, odd-shaped, long and other load types securely to the pallet, right on the forks of the forklift. “I call it, for lack of a better word, an axe handle,” LeRouge says. “It does what it’s supposed to do.”        

“One of things that attracted me to this particular product was the opportunity to wrap these pallets without any items falling off and becoming a safety hazard,” LeRouge states. High Tech Components wraps an average of 30-40 pallets a day and every product that goes on a pallet gets wrapped with the Yellow Jacket, even if it is going to remain on the pallet rack. LeRouge says even a small item could severely injury someone if it falls 20 feet from the top of the company’s pallet rack. Many of the oil field products produced are round, like pipes, so wrapping prevents these products from rolling around or falling.

The Yellow Jacket has also reduced the manpower needed to stretch wrap a pallet. “Now, basically just one employee gets on the forklift, brings it up to the machine, puts it place, wraps the pallet and puts it on the shelf,” LeRouge explains. There isn’t anyone bending over and standing up to wrap the pallet. The possibilities of an employee hitting his head or pulling a muscle in his back during wrapping are gone.

High Tech Components has also eliminated damaged parts during shipping with the Yellow Jacket 87-M. LeRouge says customers immediately noticed how tightly the pallets were wrapped with the Yellow Jacket. “It’s a noticeable difference as far as an individual wrapping a pallet and a machine wrapping a pallet,” LeRouge says. “If you’d usually wrap a load 10 times manually, you’d wrap it 20-30 times with the machine.”

The company also uses Yellow Jacket’s Jacket Wrap™ stretch film on its 87-M. Jacket Wrap provides quality load retention and holding power for stabilizing standard and odd-shaped loads and is also puncture and tear resistant.

The Yellow Jacket orbital stretch wrap machine helped High Tech Components reduce the manpower needed for its stretch wrapping process and securely wrap the pallet to eliminate part damages and increase customer satisfaction. The biggest improvement, however, came from a safety standpoint with reduced employee injuries and safety hazards from falling products. “Safety means everything to me, which I’m sure it does to a lot of people,” states LeRouge, “From a safety standpoint it’s done right.  There’s a right way, an okay way and a wrong way.  Before, I was kind of doing it the okay way.”

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