Octopus "B" Series Automatic Rotary Stretch Wrapper

The Octopus aluminum frame version is a fully automatic pallet wrapping machine incorporating the latest technology and the famous Octopus ring type method. The wrapping film reel is suspended from a ring and it revolves around the pallet. The ring is raised and lowered according to the wrapping program. The pallet remains stationary, which makes the wrapping of unstable and “lightweight” products considerably easier. There are no centrifugal forces to cause stress or strain on the load or on the equipment. As the ring can be accurately positioned in the vertical direction, wrapping can be started and finished at any height required. The Octopus provides optimal load containment while minimizing film usage.
Octopus B Series automatic rotary stretch wrapper

  • Fast yet affordable
  • Simple installation saves time
  • Film savings
  • Unmatched flexibility
  • Easy "S" film carriage

A reliable and economical solution for wrapping pallets. It can accommodate a wide range of pallet load sizes and is versatile enough to handle a variety of applications. The Octopus is silent in operation and easily maintained. The machine is modular in design, allowing for numerous innovative options to help solve your specific stretch packaging challenge.