"Twin" Series Stretch Wrap Machine

The unique and original Octopus ring wrapper has been upgraded to incorporate the latest technology. It is fast, efficient and versatile.

The Octopus Twin is a fully automatic pallet wrapping machine that serves as the pinnacle for speed. The word "Twin" comes from the fact that there are TWO "S" Carriages mounted to a single ring. The ultimate benefit is that a pallet can be wrapped in at least half the time it would take a standard machine. Other benefits include a wider variety of wrap patterns, reinforcing wrap designs not possible with a single carriage, less frequent roll changes and a back-up carriage in the event there is an issue with one of the two carriages. The infrared photo-eyes assure the Twin adapts to the particular loads requirements, and wraps the pallet to perfection. The Octopus provides optimal load containment while minimizing film usage.

    Octopus Twin Series Shrink Wrapper
  • High speed operation
  • Two "S" Carriages operating on a single track or "ring"
  • Robust construction minimizes maintenance
  • Versatile design for changing demands
  • Several options including: reel change, load stabilizer and more
  • Unique film tail heat sealing
  • Minimal film usage

    It can accommodate a wide range of pallet load sizes and produces a heat seal finish (with no tail) of the highest quality. The Octopus is silent in operation and easily maintained. This versatile machine is modular in design, allowing for numerous innovative options to help solve your specific stretch packaging challenges.