Yellow Jacket 87-M Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Maximum Load Capacity: 68 1/8"
Maximum Wrapping Length: 77"
Machine Dimensions: 91" x 93" x 95"
Power Requirements: 110-volt
Ring Speed: 5 - 20 RPM
Controls: Push Button
Film Type: Standard 20" Machine Grade Stretch-Film
Film Delivery: Core Brake w/Adjustable Tension
Portability: Fork-Lift Portable

87-SA Dimensions and Load Size Capacities


87" Diameter Manual Conveyor Ready Unit Specifications

  • 110/1/60 electrical service required to operate the unit
  • The Yellow Jacket 87" is designed to comply with current national safety and regulatory standards
  • Constructed with powder coated 7 ga steel
  • The approximate weight of the machine is 2,500 lbs
  • The foot print of the machine is 92" x 114" and 98" tall
  • The machine can operate on any solid surface
  • Non-technical or technical personnel can be trained on machine use and safety in one hour or less
  • The standard pallet load capacity is a 68" diagonal or 52" square
  • Uses any machine grade film up to 20" wide
  • Adjustable tensioning to provide a range of 0-150% film post stretch
  • The machine will run 0-20 revolutions per minute
  • One 1 horsepower variable speed drive motor
  • The ring is direct drive
  • Push button jog of conveyors and ring
  • Foot pedal or latching push button to run both wrapping ring and conveyors together
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