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Yellow Jacket 87-SA Orbital Stretch Wrapper

87" Diameter Semi-Auto Unit Specifications

  • Operator controls entire wrapping process and all machine functions from the seat of the forklift
  • Joystick remote control
  • Powered forward / reverse movement of wrapping unit
  • Film Clamp / Cut Device
  • End-of-Load sensor and light
  • Ring speed adjustment knob
  • Wrapping-Unit speed adjustment knob
Maximum Load Capacity: 68 1/8"
Maximum Wrapping Length: 77"
Machine Dimensions: 91" x 93" x 95"
Power Requirements: 110-volt
Ring Speed: 5 - 20 RPM
Controls: Push Button
Film Type: Standard 20" Machine Grade Stretch-Film
Film Delivery: Core Brake w/Adjustable Tension
Portability: Fork-Lift Portable

87-SA Dimensions and Load Size Capacities

87-SA Orbital Stretch Wrapper Drawing

87" Diameter Automatic Conveyor Ready Unit Specifications

  • 220/1/60 electrical service required to operate the unit
  • 90 psi air required for cut/clamp system
  • The Yellow Jacket 87" is designed to comply with current national safety and regulatory standards
  • Constructed with powder coated 7 ga steel
  • The approximate weight of the machine is 2,500 lbs
  • The foot print of the machine is 92" x 114" and 98" tall
  • The machine can operate on any solid surface
  • The standard pallet load capacity is up to a 68" diagonal or 52" square
  • Uses any machine grade film up to 20" wide
  • Adjustable tensioning to provide a range of 0-150% film post stretch
  • The machine will run 0-20 revolutions per minute
  • One 1 horsepower variable speed drive motor
  • The ring is direct drive
  • Photo eye controls the start and stop of wrap cycle
  • Full control of where the wrap cycle start and stops on the load
  • Full control of how many wraps at the start and stop
  • PLC controlled wrapping process
Back view of Yellow Jacket 87" Automatic Unit with Conveyor Side view of Yellow Jacket 87" Automatic Unit with Conveyor Products being wrapped with Yellow Jacket 87" Automatic Unit on Conveyor