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Note: After you have calculated your load diagonal, use application chart below to see which machine will accommodate your load size. Calculations are to be used as a guideline only (other variables may affect the calculation). Length of item has no bearing on this calculation. Please consult with Yellow Jacket if you have questions.

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Finding the Right Yellow Jacket Orbital Stretch-Wrapper for Your Application is Easy.

We offer Yellow Jacket models in three styles.

110 Series Orbital Stretch Wrapper Stinger Orbital Stretch Wrapper Stinger Industrial Coil Wrapper
110 Series Orbital Stretch-Wrapper Stinger Series Orbital Stretch-Wrapper Stinger Series Industrial Coil Wrapper
The only orbital wrapper designed to wrap the full length of the pallet right on the forklift. Efficiently wraps a variety of product configurations, minimizing labor and material costs. A cost effective packaging solution for metal coils, wire coils and other coil products.

Stinger™ Series Orbital Stretch-Wrapper

Stinger LogoYellow Jacket is your complete source for orbital packaging system solutions. By combining our equipment with our stretch film, we are able to provide you with the most cost-effective system solution.

Solutions for the Following Applications

  • Metal extrusions, lumber, building products, tubing, doors, windows, textiles, insulation products and much more

Stinger Orbital Stretch WrapperBenefits

  • Efficiently wrap a variety of product configurations
  • Minimize total packaging costs (labor and material)
  • Product protection and unitization

Ring Sizes

  • Standard from12"–124", custom sizes also available
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic options available on most ring sizes

Stinger™ Series Industrial Coil Wrapper

Stinger Industrial Coil WrapperSolutions for the Following Applications

  • Metal coils, wire coils, other coil products


  • Complete surface protection and coil stabilization
  • Cost effective packaging solution
  • Minimize total packaging costs (labor and material)

Stinger Coil WrapperAvailable Configurations

  • Eye to the Sky (the coil faces up)
  • Eye Horizontal

Available Sizes

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Semi-automatic and automatic options available

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