Bee IconWhat are the maximum dimensions of my load?

60” load diagonal; flexible on height and width.

Bee IconCan you wrap low-profile loads?

Absolutely. That is where the Yellow Jacket excels.

Bee IconHow much weight can the YJ wrap?

There is no limit. Any weight your forklift can handle, the YJ can wrap.

Bee IconWhat are the dimensions?

The 87M is 8x8x8. The 87SA requires an additional 4ft in machine direction.

Bee IconHow fast does the ring turn?

Up to 20 RPM.

Bee IconWhat are the power requirements?

110VAC, non-GFI circuit

Bee IconWhat film does it use?

20” wide machine-grade film, typically 70-80 gauge, blown film is recommended.

Bee IconDoes the YJ have prestretch?

The Yellow Jacket uses a tension carriage, which stretches the film as it is applied.

Bee IconCan I use colored or VCI film?


Bee IconDo you offer the YJ in an automatic version?

There is a bolt-on upgrade kit which provides a semi-automatic function. It does require the operator to control the machine – how many wraps, how much overlap to apply. This kit can be added at time of installation or in the future – the machine is pre-wired and pre-drilled to accept this upgrade.

Bee IconWhy not use a turntable?

Turntable wrappers are great when your application calls for one. However, turntables cannot effectively bind a load to a pallet in most cases. The YJ includes the pallet as part of the bundle held within the film.

Bee IconCan I use a pallet jack?

Yes, a pallet jack will perform fine with a pallet wrapped by YJ. The wheels will open two holes in the bottom of the pallet without compromising the integrity of the load. Side pockets (aka 4-way pallet) are recommended for any application where the pallet may be slid on the floor.

Bee IconCan I stack the wrapped pallets?

Yes, it is recommended to use a one-side cling film, with the adhesive positioned towards the load. This prevents the pallets from clinging to each other.

Bee IconDo you offer a version where the operator can place the load on a pallet?

Yes, we call these machines “Stinger” machines and they are custom built to meet your requirements.

Bee IconCan I use the machine outdoors?

The machine is intended for indoor use and is not weather protected.

Bee IconCan you make larger machines?

Yes, up to 120” ring diameter.

Bee IconIf I set up the machine myself, does it void the warranty?

No. Most customers elect to install the machine using their own staff. Setup instructions are included with the shipment. It takes about 2.5 hours to install the machine.

Bee IconWhat is the lead time?

We typically have the YJ machine in stock in Douglasville, GA (Atlanta area) and can ship within a day or two.

Bee IconHow do you ship?

We have excellent freight rates and typically ship prepaid and add, using “sealed divider” service. This service is more expensive than LTL, but it assures your machine will not be mishandled at multiple depots along its route to your facility.

Bee IconWhat if I don’t have 120VAC?

The ring is rotated by a 3-phase motor which is driven by a frequency inverter. The inverter can be configured to operate on many voltages and is sourced from a large global industrial electronics manufacturer.

Bee IconDoes the YJ need to be mounted to the floor?

Check your local ordinance. Typically, the machine is not mounted to the floor, however the feet included with the machine are configured for lag-mounting if necessary.

Bee IconCan I get a longer stroke machine?

Not on the standard stocked machine*. For loads which require more than about 5’ of wrap coverage, we recommend wrapping a section, then moving the forklift back and wrapping another section, until your load is sufficiently covered. *Some custom machines have longer strokes.

Bee IconIs the YJ made in the USA?

The Signode Industrial Group is a large global company with plants, offices and sales forces in many countries. We manufacture the YJ in Europe at one of our facilities which produces machines for the global marketplace. Parts, service and support is located in the US.

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