Plugs into any 110-volt outlet and fork pockets in base allow Yellow Jacket to go where you need it.

Staber Industries
Yellow Jacket’s Unique Orbital Stretch Wrap Machines Cost Effectively Secure Odd Shaped Pallets & Powder Coated Parts

Contract fabricator triples productivity/delivers proven ROI

Hear Bill in his own words and read the complete Staber story, maybe you'll get a good idea of how Yellow Jacket can deliver proven ROI to your operation.


  • Damage free shipments of “slippery”, odd-shaped loads
  • Reducing banding-related worker injuries
  • Reducing excessive labor costs and shipping time


  • Yellow Jacket 87M Manual Orbital Stretch-Wrapper
  • Eliminated product damage in shipping
  • Eliminated banding/ergonomic injuries
  • Tripled pack-to-ship productivity
  • Delivered PROVEN ROI ($1000 savings per week!)


Bill Staber, President, “Our old wrapping method took two guys 15 minutes to prep a load. With Yellow Jacket it takes one guy five minutes. We get more product out the door."

“Steel banding was definitely a two-man operation…Now with the Yellow Jacket 110, we have nearly tripled our pack-to-ship productivity and we need only one man to prepare the load for shipment. Out two-man operation used to take 15 minutes per pallet. Now our one-man operation takes under five minutes per load. The Yellow Jacket 110 is a big plus in getting more product out the door.”

— Bill Staber, President of Staber Industries, Groveport, Ohio

“On the powder coat side of our business, there are no 12-inch-square products stacked four-wide and six-high on a skid. We handle all different shapes and sizes. Things that are almost impossible to strap down, such as wrought iron railing, fencing and gates; and the circular, wraparound valences for gas pumps… Traditional methods simply tie the parts together, while this orbital technology locks the products down to the pallet, which acts as the foundation."

— Bill Staber, President of Staber Industries, Groveport, Ohio

The Yellow Jacket 110 features a wrap tension that adjusts easily to provide arange of film stretch, which can secure cargo of any dimension, weight or shape.

"Every load is protected from costly damage due to shifting and sliding. Orbital stretch-wrapping also prevents load contamination from dust and debris. We want a zero return rate. That’s how you remain profitable. We’ve discovered a great way to safely package and ship, as well as eliminating returns."

— Bill Staber President of Staber Industries, Groveport, Ohio

“Although Staber Industries is currently dedicating the system to one shipping area, the Yellow Jacket 110 is designed for portability. The model 87-M can be moved easily, on locking casters, throughout an operation and can be plugged into any 110-volt outlet.”

— Bill Staber, President of Staber Industries, Groveport, Ohio

“When the Yellow Jacket 110 was delivered, it took all of 15 minutes to show everybody how to use it. It is extremely easy to operate."

— Bill Staber, President of Staber Industries, Groveport, Ohio

“Do the math, if it takes about five minutes for one man to pick up a pallet with the forklift, put the load into the stretch-wrap system, wrap it, and then put the secured load in the shipping area; based on 14 loads per day, that's 70 minutes of labor costs. With the old steel banding method, it took two men 15 minutes. That's 420 minutes or 7 hours of labor costs. Figuring labor at a round average of $20 per hour (including labor and benefit costs), as well as material usage, the new system allows us to save at least $180 per day or nearly $1,000 in labor costs per week."

— Bill Staber, President of Staber Industries, Groveport, Ohio